20ftContainer Bitbox Mobile Miner Farm


Current: around 650A to 800A
Power rate: about 500KW to 550KW
Voltage: 380V
Inlet cable: 400*3 + 240*1 pure copper



20ft Bitbox Mobile Mining container for Sale

BitBox is a newly developed mobile mining farm,that can accommodate any types of bitcoin miners; Right after connecting to the transformer, you can Start immediate mining bitcoins! The single 20ft container mobile mining box weighs less than 2 tons and it is very easy to transport.Compared with the construction offield mining farms in the past,the costs of pre-construction and maintenance are greatly reduced! 20FTBitBox Mobile Mining Container

Water Curtain: The left side ofthe container is water curtain, when fresh air passes through it,the air will be cooled down,the water curtain delivers the efficient air circulation and optimum heat dissipation.

Inside structure: The left side is water curtain The middle area is miner area, we can design the housing to fit different type of miners for exampleAntminer,Whatsminer,Avalon, Ebang and Innosilicon etc. The right side are fans, we use fan to remove hot air out ofthe container.

Shutter: The shutter will be open while fans are working, when miners are off,the shutter are closed.

For each container, better to put one size miners other than several sizes miners.All BitBox mining container are very standard sea shipment containers, so they are very easy to be transported to every corner ofthe world. Buy 20ft ContainerBitbox

20FT BitBox Mobile Mining Container:

EXW 16000$ Slot: Up to different type of miners

Current : around 650A to 800A

Power rate: about 500KWto 550KW

Voltage: 380V

Buy 20ft ContainerBitbox

Inlet cable: 400*3 + 240*1 pure copper

Miner area temperature: around 30C Equipped with water curtain, Fan, Hot and cold spacer, switch + network cable
Lead time: around 25 to 30 days

Payment: Pay in full when placing an order

Buy 20ft ContainerBitbox

Warranty policy: 180 days from the date of delivery

Warranty scope: Remote telephone technical guidanceCustomers from outsideChina, container with consumable parts package, which shall be maintained by professional electrical engineers.

The cost ofthe container shall be higher if need all UL approved materials. BitBox Mobile Miner farm.
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